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Goetia – S. L. MacGregor Mathers (1904) (quoted)

The Fifty-eighth Spirit is Amy, or Avnas. He is a Great President, and appeareth at first in the Form of a Flaming Fire; but after a while he putteth on the Shape of a Man. His office is to make one Wonderful Knowing in Astrology and all the Liberal Sciences. He giveth Good Familiars, and can bewray Treasure that is kept by Spirits. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits, and his Seal is this, etc.

Amy appears as that of a humanoid of pure flame and inferno. He can make one marvelously knowledgeable in astrology, and as well in all the liberal sciences. He conjures excellent familiars. He can also thieve treasures preserved by spirits. He has a government of thirty-six legions. Amy is partially of the order of angels, and partly of potestats. It is Amy’s hope that after twelve hundred years he can return to the seventh throne: this of course is not possible.

Very little is known about the Demon Amy. When we’re able to find more information we’ll update here.


  1. Amy

    My names Amy does that mean I’m a demon?

    November 25, 2014 - 11:32 pm

  2. Celeste Lea

    I personally know this Demon and his actual name is not “Amy”. That is the name given to him by the Christians. He refuses to tell me his actual name, but when the one thing that I fear the most happens, I will learn his name. I can tell you a few things about him, though. He HAS taken over the Demonic Realm (Hell), the Mental Realm, the Spiritual Realm, the Religious Realm (the realm of the Gods), all 7 Planes, and almost every Dimension. All he has left to do is destroy the Guardians of Light (Angels) and then he will be able to do as he pleases to those left in the Physical Realm. The Demon called ZOZO may be the “face of Hell” but “Amy” is the smartest, cruelest, and, I must say from personal experience, most sexually inappropriate creature to ever have been created.

    March 4, 2015 - 7:55 pm

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